Gear Gripper

Gear Gripper

GearGripper arrives in the shape of a well formed wave, just push your cell phone into it & feel the soft firm grip! The GearGripper is a creation of it’s material.. in whatever shape you want, a soft tactile foam with a formable core allows total customization. You can form it to suit your needs..leave it as is or create your own perfect shape. Besides being great for your everyday gear, ”a perfect place to empty your pockets”, GearGripper has endless applications.

$8.95 at Expo Design, Inc.

OneLessDesk by Heckler Design


This sleek and slim stainless steel desk is Dean Heckler’s response to the bulky desks of our recent past (and even present). Heckler believes that with flat screen monitors and wireless keyboards, the space given to a modern desk can be drastically reduced. The OneLessDesk by Heckler Design uses two “decks” that can be configured for your use.

$649 at Heckler Design

Steelcase Home Habitat

Steelcase Home Habitat

Setting includes a 6′ desk with 2 drawers featuring 2 elegant platinum bar pulls. An additional 4′ worksurface is attached to the desk to give you ample room for your laptop or to display your current workload. Throw in a Think Chair for an additional $699. This setting is sure to impress…your clients, employees, or your spouse!

$899 at Steelcase Store

Classic Study Solution

Classic Study Solution

The Classic Study Solution includes the Sliding Sofa, which converts to a queen-size bed and a removable slipcover; the Swag Leg Desk, designed by George Nelson in 1958 and recently reintroduced with cable management; the Swag Leg Armchair. also by George Nelson, and designed with a comfortable waterfall seat edge and open back for air circulation; the Luxo L-1 Desk Lamp, designed by Jac Jacobsen in 1937 and considered such an icon of creative thinking that it was chosen by Pixar to be their logo; and Modular Shelving by the team at Studio North Design, who refined the classic dorm-room-style cinderblock and plank shelving by making good use of forest-salvaged old-growth Douglas fir. A straight-grained, amber-colored wood, this material comes from logs that have long since fallen in the forests of the Pacific Coast.

Save 15% through August 26 at Design Within Reach

Pantone Mug

Pantone Mug

Coffee has become a popular beverage that could give its drinkers a soothing feeling. Enjoying its aroma and effect is made even pleasurable with this mug created by Pantone. Liven up your coffee time with the Pantone Mug, which has ten colors to choose from. The mug’s vibrant and striking hues surely adds up to the satisfaction your coffee brings.

$9.50 at Design Museum Shop

Desk Tower

Desk Tower

Ever thought of placing beautiful ornaments on your desk? Well, the Desk Tower is an excellent choice in giving your office a contemporary yet orderly appearance. Made in Japan, you will find this amazing pyramid-like tower in four stacks, intended for four different uses – as memo pad, paper clip holder, pencil cup and paper weight. Grab one and make a difference!

$50 at Moma Store

World Time Clock by Charlotte Van Der Waals

Charlotte Van Der Waals

Patented desk clocks with 12 slides, each with the name of two major cities; together, the 24 cities represent the 24 global time zones; to find the local hour in another time zone, simply roll the clock so that the city representing that time zone is on top. Dimensions: 2″ long 2″ diameter.

$150 at JUNRO

NUMO Modular Desktop Organizer


Keeping things organized in the office may not be a simple undertaking. When busy schedules are always existent, it is difficult to find time to arrange everything and put into order. Well, worry no more and here’s the Numo Modular Desktop Organizer by Softstructure to the rescue. This organizer is made of acrylic material that is of high quality, plus a frosted clear finish.

$149 at STL Loft Style

Wall by Designer’s Eye

Wall by Designer’s Eye

You can never have too much privacy. That’s the thought behind Wall, a flexible room divider that creates a custom space within your room. Magnetic ends allow you to connect multiple Walls. It comes in Standard (50″ x 57″) and Tall (50″ x 69″) and is also available in black, medium grey, silver grey, red and royal blue.

$599 to $699 at 2Modern

Blue Dot Chicago Office Desk


If ever I will have this superb table in my office, I will no longer exert the effort to make my guests get overwhelmed with awe. This Chicago Office Desk made by Blue Dot measures 66 x 30 x 32, spacious enough for various important office items to be situated, even a computer set. This magnificent table is a great find for the workaholics, but fashionable people.

$699 at 2Modern