Elephant Lamp


Distinctively intelligent and social, this inspiration from the animal kingdom, the Elephant Lamp, serves as companion and table light. Made of polypropylene, the elephant shaped flat magically turns into a 3-dimensional sculpture without the use of tools, screws, glue or hardware. This uniquely designed masterpiece is heat resistant, durable and washable. The Elephant Lamp’s translucent polypropylene casts a pleasant, soft light. Easily turn its standard white form in to a new color by using a colored light bulb.

Notes: Delivered with easy to follow assembly instructions, eye stickers and electrical wire6-foot power cord with on/off switch. Self-assembly. No glue, screws, hardware or tools needed. Max 40-watt standard bulb (not included).

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Highwire Power LED DeskLight

Highwire Power LED DeskLight by Balmuda Design

Highwire is a LED desk lamp which for the first time emits enough light for practical use. Generally a desktop work area needs around 300-700 lux of light in order to be able to work comfortably. Highwire produces more than 1,000 Lux. However, Highwire is not only the brightest LED desk lamp but also has an incredibly long life span. It keeps 70% of its original light output even after 50,000 hours. The color emitted by Highwire matches the color of a computer display therefore, the display is not distorted. The light coming from Highwire does not include infrared rays and so emits less heat. Furthermore, Highwire is equipped with a slow start and stop mechanism in which the light gradually brightens when turned on and dims when turned off. Please see for yourself how Highwire’s LED technology and epoch design make it the next generation in lighting.

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Studioilse w08 Lamp by Ilse Crawford

Studioilse w08 Lamp by Ilse Crawford

Materials have hidden messages. These create a powerful link to our emotional psyches and shape our connection to daily life. Our light is a sturdy friend, unpretentious and always there for us. We have chosen honest materials that carry clear messages: iron for its feelings of stability, reliability, trust; wood with its warmth and life, and porcelain for its intimate glow, as well as its tactility. Then we have put these three together for a certain oddness. This is because there is an innate awkwardness in the directional light that we wanted to amplify – rather as with people this is a sympathetic quality not a sin.

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Sagaform’s Pasta & Parmesan Tool

Sagaform’s Pasta & Parmesan Tool

Sagaform’s latest piece of Scandinavian design is a simple device which combines three kitchen tools in one. First, the handle end of the tool can be used for measuring out portions pasts, secondly the “fork” end of the tool is used to pick up your pasta and sauce, and finally you can grate your parmesan using the built-in grater. Simple and functional, another great-value item from Sagaform.

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Even small and simple things makes wonders, and such wonders could be useful and helpful. Featuring the Sunjar, a solar powered jar that could light up any dark area in your home, designed by Tobias Wong. Have the glory of sunshine around the house even when the sun is already down.

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Helios Aluminum Pendant lamp

Helios Aluminum Pendant Lamp

Light is an essential part of an abode that gives radiance within it so that its dwellers may see each other. Give your home the modern glow and feel the glorious rays emitted by the Helios Aluminum Pendant Lamp, designed by Manel Ybarguengoitia. Made of light-weight die-cut aluminum, this lamp is definitely a great addition to your room’s magnificent collections.

$1,898 at 2Modern

Anglepoise Fifty Lamp

Anglepoise Fifty Lamp

Say goodbye to dreary darkness and meet this new light in Anglepoise Fifty Lamp, by Anthony Dickens. Made of polycarbonate material, the Anglepoise Fifty Lamp adds a vivid beam around your home with its three hues to choose from – orange, read and clear. Moreover, its advanced exterior proves its contemporary nature, being chosen as the Brit Insurance Designs of the Year 2008. Indeed a great catch to modernize your abode.

$39.50 at Design Museum Shop

Abyss Table Lamp

Abyss Table Lamp

Experience a glow in your table that is diverse and unique with this Abyss Table Lamp by Osko and Deichmann. As it adds light while you work your night away, it also gives a new and exceptional appeal to your room. It can be a delightful view for your guests as it can be repositioned in different forms. Comes with a high voltage LED strip.

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The Pie Lamp by Stanislav Katz

The Pie Lamp

Pretty colorful and unusual design solution.

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Solid Copper Light Shade

Solid Copper Light Shade

How many times have you had to replace a clunky old lamp that you didn’t even like in the first place? For lighting that stands the test of time, you can’t get much better than this solid copper lamp from LightsOn. Modern yet rustic, it’s sure to add light and warmth to any home. Available in polished and unpolished copper finishes.

$144.57 at LightsOn