Modernist Chairs T-Towel

Modernist Chairs T- Towel

Taking a splash through the wonder corners of the shower or a plunge to the pool is such cool indulgence. Take away the heat from your body and dry yourself up with the Modernist Chairs T-Towel, that is designed by Grace + Go. An unconventional way to wipe up those wet elements; this towel features lots of classic chairs. It’s like looking through different chairs in one backdrop.

$7.95 at Design Museum Shop

TOOTH Brush Holder

TOOTH Brush Holder

Add some modern zest to your bathroom with this exceptional TOOTH Brush Holder, made of ceramic. Attending to your dental hygiene is now made even modish with its design literally that of a tooth. Your toothbrush has finally found its perfect pair with its holder, while it exudes a contemporary mood to your bathroom.

$18 at Shop Modi