City On A Plate

city on a plate

Who would have thought that whole city is up for your consumption? Get yourself busy getting to know the different points of your city while munching your favorite dish with this City in a Plate. NotNeutral introduces this one of a kind plate for a new dinner experience. Available in sets of four, this plate features cities like Las Vegas, Dubai, Washington DC, New Orleans, and Los Angeles.

$48 at Spacify

Eclipse Coaster


Small things also do a lot of great help and style, so do not take this coasters for granted because they indeed look fabulous for a fine dining experience. Designed by the wonderful hands of Page Ikeda, these Eclipse Coasters are available in set of fours and in different colors. Durable and absorbent, start to imagine your best dinner ever!

$24 at Beehive Co-op

Count Piggy

Count Piggy

Saving is one great deed we should teach to our kids so that they would grow responsible, stable and secured. Some may find this a bore, but saving is now made fun and enjoyable with the Count Piggy, brought to us by NotNeutral. It is made of porcelain and measures 5″ x 4″.

$26 at Fawn and Forest



Even small and simple things makes wonders, and such wonders could be useful and helpful. Featuring the Sunjar, a solar powered jar that could light up any dark area in your home, designed by Tobias Wong. Have the glory of sunshine around the house even when the sun is already down.

$39.75 at

Set Of Three Flower Arrangers

Set of Three Flower Arrangers

Aside from their ability to absorb pollutants especially carbon dioxide, plants and flowers could brighten up anyone’s day just by its appearance. The green color of plants makes a refreshing atmosphere around home while the colorful shades of flowers simply relaxes. Keep them in your abode with the Set of Three Flower Arranger, and have them safe and in place.

$30 at Burke Decor

Premier Mailbox

Premier Mailbox

With all the new technological innovations around, one may think that snail mail is no longer an “in” thing. Well, think again because the Premier Mailbox is here to make a difference. Created by designer Frank Samuels, this mailbox stands up to any weather condition, through its stainless steel and cedar wood material with a UV-protective finish. With Premier Mailbox, the thrill of anticipation for your loved ones’ messages are here to stay.

$400 at Design Within Reach

Desk Tower

Desk Tower

Ever thought of placing beautiful ornaments on your desk? Well, the Desk Tower is an excellent choice in giving your office a contemporary yet orderly appearance. Made in Japan, you will find this amazing pyramid-like tower in four stacks, intended for four different uses – as memo pad, paper clip holder, pencil cup and paper weight. Grab one and make a difference!

$50 at Moma Store

Bauhaus Chessmen 32 Pcs.

Bauhaus Chessmen 32 pcs

Taking a day off from your busy schedule is such sweet pleasure. Relax and enjoy a good game indoors with Bauhaus Chessmen, where playing chess is made more delightful yet challenging. Another creation by sculptor Josef Hartwig, the Bauhaus Chessmen is made of solid natural and lacquered maple with a pearl finish.This also comes with instructions, great guide for chess beginners.

Sale at Design Within Reach

Pop-Up Bottle Opener

Pop-Up Bottle Opener

This marvelous little piece has a touch of modernity to it, who would have thought that it is a bottle opener, anyway? With its ovoid shape and striking appearance, the Pop-up Bottle Opener by Giovanni Alessi is another innovation for home accessories. Measuring 3.1 x 3.7 inches, this bottle opener puts a thrill to common home activities.

$47 at Unica Home

NUMO Modular Desktop Organizer


Keeping things organized in the office may not be a simple undertaking. When busy schedules are always existent, it is difficult to find time to arrange everything and put into order. Well, worry no more and here’s the Numo Modular Desktop Organizer by Softstructure to the rescue. This organizer is made of acrylic material that is of high quality, plus a frosted clear finish.

$149 at STL Loft Style