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Electric Juicer

Electric Juicer

The Electric Juicer, designed by Stefano Giovannoni, is an essential appliance for every kitchen and health bar. The juicer, with a low-noise motor, is made of stainless steel, and durable white thermoplastic resin.

$159 at Arango

Sagaform’s Pasta & Parmesan Tool

Sagaform’s Pasta & Parmesan Tool

Sagaform’s latest piece of Scandinavian design is a simple device which combines three kitchen tools in one. First, the handle end of the tool can be used for measuring out portions pasts, secondly the “fork” end of the tool is used to pick up your pasta and sauce, and finally you can grate your parmesan using the built-in grater. Simple and functional, another great-value item from Sagaform.

$16 at Aplusrstore

Fingerprint Portraits

Fingerprint  Portraits

No two people have the same fingerprint, so why have the same piece of art? A DNA 11 Fingerprint Portrait is a stunning testament to your individuality. Available in an almost limitless range of styles, colors, sizes and frames, your unique Fingerprint Portrait makes a bold, art statement at home, or in your office. Scan the gallery below, and imagine the possibilities.

Starting at $190 at DNA11

Incase Slim Sleeve

Incase Slim Sleeve

The Slim Sleeve for MacBook Air envelops the world’s thinnest notebook for complete protection in a low-profile design. Featuring a durable, perforated polyurethane exterior, the Slim Sleeve secures the MacBook Air with a Velcro flap closure and can be carried as a stand-alone case or placed inside a bag.

$34.95 at Incase

City On A Plate

city on a plate

Who would have thought that whole city is up for your consumption? Get yourself busy getting to know the different points of your city while munching your favorite dish with this City in a Plate. NotNeutral introduces this one of a kind plate for a new dinner experience. Available in sets of four, this plate features cities like Las Vegas, Dubai, Washington DC, New Orleans, and Los Angeles.

$48 at Spacify

Eclipse Coaster


Small things also do a lot of great help and style, so do not take this coasters for granted because they indeed look fabulous for a fine dining experience. Designed by the wonderful hands of Page Ikeda, these Eclipse Coasters are available in set of fours and in different colors. Durable and absorbent, start to imagine your best dinner ever!

$24 at Beehive Co-op

Mood X Rug

mood x rug

Rugs may just be ordinarily a piece of cloth placed on the floors but think twice on this Mood X Rug. It is specifically designed for people with great appreciation of the arts, with its fabulous prints in vivid colors. It is made of 100% of the best wool in the world and is hand-tufted for durability. For a long-lasting rug that is bold, Mood X will never fail.

$850 at Inmod